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JustConnect technology

According to the Script, what differentiates Roamsoft's Come N Eat from many other online takeaway ordering services is the JCT (JustConnect Technology). A JCT box is provided to each delivery restaurant, a 2-way till receipt/order machine. When a customer places an order on the Come N Eat website it is sent to the restaurant’s JCT box upon where it will beep to announce that an order is waiting approval. Restaurant staff are then able to accept or reject the order. If they accept it then a confirmation message is sent to the customer and the order is printed out of the JCT till receipt.

Featured List

User Module

  • Search by Area (postal code)
  • Search by Restaurants
  • Search by Cuisine
  • Book a table
  • Choose restaurant
  • AJAX based Ordering system
  • Search by Offers
  • Restaurant search filter
  • PayPal Integration
  • Cash on Delivery Method
  • Google Map Integration
  • Reorder system

Restaurant Module

  • Multi restaurants sign up
  • Restaurants info like open and closed setup
  • Cuisine creation
  • Menu creation
  • Add on creation
  • Live Ordering monitoring system
  • Billing system
  • User management
  • Offers management
  • Reports
  • Rating and review system

Admin Module

  • Site Settings
  • Social Media
  • Category Management
  • Cuisine Management
  • Content Management
  • Rating and review system
  • User Management
  • Order tracking
  • Payment module
  • Restaurant module
  • Billing system
  • Ads management
  • SEO friendly with option to customize URL and Title
  • Language
Features Platinum Developer
Custom Theme
Support Lifetime 1 Month
Google GPS
Pizza Builder
Customer Addressbook
Batch Process
Google Cloud Printer
Mobile Version
FB Order
Report Management

Have you gone tired of food ordering by phone? The hassles that you get doing this are enough to ruin your appetite, even before you are able to place your order. Most often you wait for what seems like an eternity because you were put on hold, while the person at the other end is trying to find the answer to your questions. Add to these issues the frustrations about relaying your extensive and long order and reading your credit card digits over the phone, and finally receiving the food you ordered only to find out there was misunderstanding between you and the restaurant clerk who got your order. And what about the crappy telephone lines? There’s a long list and I could go on and on.

Today, you can forget all about these issues. Roamsoft can deliver software that will free you of all the headaches associated with ordering your food through the telephone. You only need to go online. You can search for your favorite restaurant, browse the menus, place the order, and wait for the food. If you do not want a home delivery, but would want to reserve a table, that can also be handled. This software from Roamsoft will have a listing of over 500 restaurants spread in 10,000 cities, and we can provide this listing, including reviews, to you. Our business is a relatively new concept, and it works very simply – you just need to search with this software from Roamsoft, place your order the order or ask to reserve a table for you - everything will be handled with this software from Roamsoft food ordering script, and the restaurant will deliver.

And how do you pay for your order? The bill will be included with the food delivery, and you pay it directly to the person who delivers your order to you. If there is a delivery charge, this will be included in the total amount. Note that charges for delivery may vary according to restaurant, and you can find these charges on the restaurant details page of the site. You can also make payments online, but not all restaurants are making this option available but very soon you will find that all restaurants will soon start accepting online payments. During your order processing, on the cart section, you will be asked to select your mode of payment.

Using this online food ordering software from Roamsoft advance orders are also accepted; you just put the date and time you want the food to be delivered to you, and it is certain that you will get it. But you should be aware that deliveries of advance orders can be made only within the time that the restaurant operates. While food delivery is guaranteed, restaurants at time do not take responsibility for the time of delivery Of course, it will depend on the kind of dish that you asked the restaurant to prepare, the traffic on the road, and also the weather. In case your order has been delayed for a considerable amount of time, you can check its status online by using the “check status” feature.

This software service is free – you do not have to pay extra for using our site. It is free and easy to use. More over you do not need to rush home and start cooking when you are feeling hungry. Placing your order or booking a table through this software from Roamsoft is much better than using the telephone.

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