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Job Provider Panel

This is a panel on the website that provides all information to those who want to get their jobs done. One can look through various jobs that have been posted under different categories such as title, price, location, etc. if you are a job provider, you can post your job along with your price so that service providers can bid upon that.You need to provide all details regarding the preferred mode of contact such as email or phone and the address of the place where the task has to be carried out. Do not miss out on any important information that you might want to give to those who bid on your task. After you finalize a bidder, you have to contact him on phone or email and once he has completed the job, you need to give a review and a rating to the service provider.

Service Professionals Panel

The market is full of service providers who are ready to provide their services at affordable prices and high quality. If you happen to be a service provider, service professional panel is for you. You have to list your services with a business title with a brief description of services provided. Do not forget to mention your hourly rates with the mode of payment preferred by you. Also click on the preferred mode of contact with the job provider. You can give your address if you like (it is not compulsory though it makes job providers confident). You must also tell your travel preferences. It is possible for service providers to upload the photos of their previous works. Once you have found a job that you are interested in, you can make a bid. If the job provider responds, you are expected to reply. There is a point system with more points for those who complete al steps in their profile.

Joining the website provides a platform to service providers to reach out to a large number of customers and get contracts sitting at home. You as a service provider not only get a web page to describe about your credentials and boast about your previous works but also exposure to a large number of people who are making searches for high quality professionals on the internet.

Thumbtack Website Features
  • Thumbtack is an attempt to provide service providers a new platform and a place to all people who are looking for reliable and friendly services to get their tasks done in an efficient and affordable manner.
  • Whether you are a job provider looking for a plumber, house cleaner, electrician, painter, DJ, part organizer, photographer, or just about any other professional, or you are a service provider looking to increase your reach to new customers, Thumbtack is the best way to move forward.
  • There are many business categories to post a job and to look for jobs.
  • Job provider can give details of the task and his price while a service provider can bid on the jobs that he likes.
  • Payment is after the completion of the task.
  • No matter what the job you want done or no matter what the service you provide, there is something for everyone on this amazing platform.
  • If you have a question on your mind, there is a FAQ section to take care of all your queries.
  • If however, you want to know something that is not there, you can always contact the website through an email.
  • There is nothing to suggest that there will be any copy of these websites as the solutions are provided to customers on the basis of their requirements alone.
Admin Panel

This is that part of the website that enables the user to manage many different aspects of his account on the website. For example, a service provider can log in to his account and check all the notifications and messages that he has received, give replies to these messages, make changes in his profile, create and add content to the profile page, click on edit menu to change the settings of the account page, and so on.

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