A Platform to develop

Digital payment solution

Roamsoft introduces a digital wallet platform "RPay" with customer app, merchant app, end-to-end admin panel. A perfect solution for requesting payments from customers digitally

Problem in the industry
In today's world each and everything has to be done in a fast, safe and secure manner. Quicker mode of transaction, bill payment, recharge facilities, security of the card details, is not possible without digital solution.
  • Cash is required for every payment and it is not safe
  • Counterfeit, black money problems and harm to nature
  • Hard to pay bills, recharge, book train& flight tickets
  • Hard to transfer money to a bank account, book movie tickets
  • Limited Payment options; Hard to make inter-account transfer
Solutions we provide
RPay wallet script helps your businesses grow and provides features like a hassle- free sign up, load and send money, withdraw cash, pay merchants, buy tickets, instant notification, limited liability etc.
We provide the best technology platform to build mobile digital wallet application which can be used for merchant transactions, transfer money to other wallet users and bank accounts, anytime and anywhere.
  • The transaction can be carried out safely without cash
  • No Counterfeit, No black money and No harm to nature
  • Easy to pay bills, recharge, book train& flight tickets
  • Simple to transfer money to a bank account, book movie tickets
  • No Limited Payment options; Simpler to make inter-account transfer
Digital Wallet Solution for All

Instant, hassle-free setup

Bank account is linked to RPay and makes hassle-free, secure payments directly from your bank account 24/7.

Send & request money

Load, send and request money with just about anyone online or through your mobile device securely.

Pay merchants

Merchant can receive the amount from customer through QR code. Customer can scan QR code to transfer money.

Withdraw cash

Consumers can send money directly to bank account and withdraw cash whenever required.

Buy tickets

When consumers want to book tickets for a show - It's fast, one-click checkout process for booking ticket.

Instant notification

RPay customers will get instant notification if any feeds been posted by the merchant or RPay admin

Safe & secure

Mobile wallets are harder to steal or duplicate. Data is secured by using advanced technology methods.

Limited Liability

The liability of any misuse is solely Yours, until you report the issue RPay. Block your card on the fly.