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Just Eat Clone

A Customizable And Scalable Online Food Ordering And Delivery Solution.
Comeneat is a Just Eat clone app script is a white label Food Ordering And Delivery solution that can be tailored to meet your unique business goals. Our clone app script is a comprehensive suite solution that is available in iOS, Android and web platforms.
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What is Just Eat App and How does it Work?
Just Eat is an online food ordering and delivery brand of Netherlands-based Just Eat Just Eat was founded as a separate company in 2001 in Denmark. Just Eat was a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and in 2020 JustEat PLC and merged together to form Just Eat which replaced Just Eat's listing on LSE.They operate under this brand name in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.
Just Eat acts as an intermediary between takeaway food outlets and customers. Through the Just Eat platform the customer is able to choose the food they like. The order is received by the restaurant who then accepts the order. The order can either be picked up by the customer or delivered to them. If the customer needs it delivered then Just Eat assigns a delivery agent. The delivery agent picks up the prepared order and delivers it to the customer location. Just Eat charges a fee from the restaurant for providing the platform and a delivery fee from the customer that goes to the delivery agent.
The Just Eat Clone - Comeneat
Comeneat is our white label, scalable, customizable clone of the Just Eat app. Comeneat the Just Eat Clone is an online food delivery service software package with features similar to that of the popular Just Eat app. Comeneat is suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the online food ordering and delivery industry. Just Eat clone app is completely customizable to your needs and business requirements.
How Are We Able To Offer A Customizable Just Eat Clone Solution To You?
Our Comeneat food delivery app is the clone script of Just Eat. Our Just Eat clone script is a white label replication of the existing original product. The source code of the Just Eat clone script - Comeneat has been tested and modified to be reliable and efficient in its working. All the features of parent - Just Eat are replicated in Comeneat Just Eat clone script. The script can also be customized, scaled and integrated with extensions to make it flexible to meet your specific needs and growing demands.
Who Are The Ideal Customers For Comeneat - Just Eat Clone?
The Comeneat - Just Eat clone app is ideal for food entrepreneurs who are looking to get a digital platform solution for their business, be it a restaurant, cloud kitchen or a community kitchen. The advantage of the Just Eat clone app is that it is prebuilt and can save a lot of time and cost of developing an app from scratch. The Comeneat app is your solution for a time efficient and cost efficient clone having the same features of the popular Just Eat app, but at the same time unique to your business.
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What Do We Offer?
Powered Interfaces To Standardize Workflows Of Restaurant Multi Vendor Application. Create your unique best online food delivery app, website and much more using Comeneat's offerings
Just Eat Clone Customer App - Seamless Ordering Experience
The customer is designed to provide a seamless online food ordering experience. The UI/UX design of the customer app is based on inspiration from popular food ordering apps like Just Eat, Just Eat, Doordash, Postmates and so on. It has several features like search and filter, live tracking, support chat, etc. to name a few.
Just Eat Clone Customer Website
The customer website is another platform through which orders can be placed and tracked by the customers. The Website is designed to be resilient and responsive, customers can navigate easily to find the food they like to eat, place the order, make the payment and track in real-time.
Just Eat Clone Restaurant App - Manage Orders With Simplicity
The restaurant app is designed intuitively for restaurant owners to navigate easily to check new orders, accepted orders, check delivery status and receive instruction and feedback from customers.They can easily generate reports based on Order ID, Customer Name, Payment Type, and Order Status and contact support through the in app chat feature.
Just Eat Clone Restaurant Web Website
The web platform for restaurants provides an Administrator Overview for restaurateurs to manage and add details of the various items on their menu, view the overall sales, incoming orders, accepted orders and completed orders. Features are provided for restaurant owners to generate invoices and reports for accounting purposes.
Just Eat Clone Delivery Agent App - Efficient Food Delivery
The Delivery Agent App is provided for the delivery agents responsible for transporting the order from the restaurant location to the customer drop point. The app is integrated with Google Maps and shows the best possible route for the driver to commute efficiently. The app also has features like order listing, order detail, order status & alert notification for new orders near the agent.
Just Eat Clone Admin Website - Manage With Ease
The Admin Website is for the owner of the ComeNEat - Just Eat clone online food delivery business. The Admin site allows the business owner to have a complete overview of their business. The website is filled with features that allow you to add and approve restaurants, delivery agents, manage referrals and promotions, set commissions for referrals and fee charged from restaurant businesses.
Why Choose ComeNEat ?
Our Just Eat clone delivery app informs every level of user involved in a product
Invoice System
Using our Invoice system the restaurant owner can able to track the invoice periodically via food order application. This enhances the relationship between the site owner and the restaurant by providing the complete invoice reports of all the orders with deducted commissions for the site owners.
Every restaurant have their own static website. Comeneat provides restaurant's own menu ordering system to every restaurants. Comeneat provides small widget where we can copy and paste their own site. It is simple code where every one can do this.
Customers have the option to add money by using debit / credit card in the wallet and can place the orders whenever they require. It secures them from payment failures and gives them seamless refunds when necessary.
Order Tracking
The owner can track the entire order system through the app and can view reports of all the orders and deliveries. System will support restaurants with their everyday operations in business by providing detailed analysis on customers.
Loyalty/Rewards Points
Creating a customer reward program is an outstanding way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning for future business.Points-based rewards systems is a standout amongst popular loyalty program models among restaurants.
Refer a Friend & Earn
Comeneat 2.0 provides another special feature "Refer and Earn". Customers can share their adoration for their most loved restaurants with their companions! Refer to friends and get rewarded with certain amount allotted by the restaurant owners.
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What's unique with Comeneat
Driver will receive the notifications instantly when a dispatched order is assigned by the restaurant owners. Accordingly, they can proceed for the delivery process. The driver can easily receive signatures from the customers.
Google GPS
Every restaurant have their own static website. Comeneat provides restaurant's own menu ordering system to every restaurants. Comeneat provides small widget where we can copy and paste their own site. It is simple code where every one can do this.
Customers have the option to add money by using debit / credit card in the wallet and can place the orders whenever they require. It secures them from payment failures and gives them seamless refunds when necessary.
Book a Table
Table reservation can be made by the customers in ahead by mentioning exact date and time which saves time during hustle hours or weekends when they dine in the restaurant. Table reservation can be done by just visiting the website or App.
Dispatch System
Comeneat 2.0 provides a special feature, "Dispatch system", on demand delivery management and tracking solution with features like order tracking, driver management, Manage driver, driver status, order details etc.
Instant Notifications
Instant Order notifications are received by restaurant owners about new orders placed by the customers. When they receive these notifications, they can pass them to their internal order management system and then process the orders.
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